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Uses and Benefits


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Lecithin functions as an aid in emulsifying fats, which allows them to be dispersed in water. Lecithin also serves as a food additive, it is well known for its properties as a flavor enhancer, moisturizer and gentle preservative. In breads, cakes and cookie dough it is added as an anti-caking, pan release and moisturizing agent. To reduce crystallization in addition to being an emulsifying agent,  lecithin is added to confectionery products such as chocolate. It is also a main ingredient in powdered products such as cake mixes, cocoa powder and instant pudding mixes and serves as a wetting, dispersing and emulsifying agent. Lecithin is packed with benefits that help to improve physical and mental health. It is also a great option for people who are seeking to reduce their cholesterol levels and  boost organ functions.


• Baked desserts

• Bread & biscuit products

• Chocolate products

• Confectionery products

• Chewing gum

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