Sunflower Lecithin in powder form


Powder Lecithin Description

Ingredaco® De-Oiled Sunflower Lecithin an oil-free Lecithin obtained from de-oiling of Standard Sunflower Lecithin. Since it is derived from Sunflower, it is 100% NON GMO and Allergen-Free; De-oiled Lecithin (Powder) is a pure form of Phospholipids. It is more convenient to handle since the oil has been removed from it. De-oiled Sunflower Lecithin is also more Hydrophilic than Standard Liquid Lecithin.

Application of Powder Lecithin:

• Baked desserts

• Bread & biscuit products

• Chocolate products

• Confectionery products

• Chewing gum